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About us

  • Published: Saturday, 13 February 2016 17:13

European Movement in Montenegro is a non-governmental organization which deals with projects and activities in the field (area) of European integration in Montenegro, and was registered by the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Montenegro, No. 4197/00 of 19.07.2000.

With this decision, EMIM was added to the register of non-governmental organizations under the ordinal number 801, as non-governmental association called “European Movement in Montenegro”.
After II Assembly of EMIM, held on 10th June 2004 conclusions on the making of the new statute and the election of new authorities were brought.

According to the statute of EMIM (Article 7) based on decisions of the Ministry of Justice of 21st July 2004 (which confirms changes, adoption of the new statute and replacement of person which is authorized for representation), non-governmental association “European Movement in Montenegro”  has following objectives:

- improvement of understanding and cooperation between people, communities and countries
- encouraging a comprehensive and free communication in the fields of culture, information, economics and
- spreading ideas of European integration in Montenegro
- influencing the public of Montenegro to direct its engagement towards democratic action, towards achieving equality of people and their communities, respecting and improving  standards adopted in European Union

In accordance with this, following Article 8 of the Statute of EMIM, activities of this organization are:
- affirmation of justice, mutual respect and tolerance
- protection of human rights
- spreading  of European ideas in Montenegro and improvement of  the cultural, political and European cooperation
- publishing activities
- other activities that are necessary to achieve the objectives of the European Movement in Montenegro.

Main direction of activity of European Movement is education on the European Union, its values and structure, way of functioning, as well as the European integration process. The organization deals with education of citizens of different target groups, but particularly the education of employees in state institutions and local governments.

According to article the 10 of the Statute of EMIM, bodies of the European Movement in Montenegro are:
Executive Board
Secretary General
Advisory Board

Team of European Movement in Montenegro

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Momcilo Radulovic, President of the European Movement in Montenegro, graduated from Department of International Relations, Faculty of Political Science of the University in Belgrade. His Master degree in European science and Regionalism, obtained in November 2007 within the European Academy in Bolzano, University of Graz and European Institute of Public Affairs, Luxembourg. Mr.  Radulovic specialized in the thesis International relations and modern political system of Norway at the University of Oslo. He attended the specialist program in the field of economy and politics in Prague and organized by Charles and Georgetown University and in Los Angeles, organized by George Mason University in Washington. Currently he is a member of the Negotiating Working Group for Chapter 31 (Foreign, Security and Defense Policy) and he is also member of Task Force of the European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris. Since 2016 he is a member of Joint Consultative Committee of civil society of Montenegro and Europe.

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Mila Brnovic, Program Coordinator at the European Movement in Montenegro, where she has been active since 2011. The primary focus of her work is the administrative capacity in the negotiation process and the issues of the gender equality.  She was born in 1987, Podgorica . She graduated High school “Slobodan Skerovic” in Podgorica. Basic and specialist studies, she completed at the Faculty of Political Science, in Podgorica, Department for European Studies. She finished master studies at the Center for European Integration Studies, University of Bonn, Germany, as a scholarship student on the Foundation Konrad Adenauer. She speaks English and Russian. Since 2015 she occasionally worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Donja Gorica, on cases in the field of international relations. In 2015 she was representative of her organization on the Commission to monitor the implementation of the plan for achieving gender equality.

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Ivana Boskovic, Program Manager at the European Movement in Montenegro, is primarily in charge of Youth capacity building programs. She graduated from the Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business, University of Donja Gorica in 2013 and afterwards conducted a Specialization in the field of Entrepreneurship - Lifelong Learning concept. During undergraduate studies she was a holder of the scholarship offered by the Center of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programs for attending Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. Ms. Boskovic is fluent in English, as well she is familiar with German, Italian and Russian.

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Jelena Popovic is an internal in European Movement in  Montenegro since January 2016. She was born in 1992 in Kolasin where she finished Primary school and High school. Basic studies she completed on the Faculty of Political Science in Podgorica, Department Journalism, and also Specialist studies with the topic “Human- robot of contemporary community”, so she gained a degree of political scientist in specialized journalism. During the studies, she was participant of different seminars in a field of journalism, and as a member of Red Cross, she was included in projects in their organization. Also, she worked as an assistant in teaching the children with special needs, and she is a participant of student program Work and Travel, thanks to which she achieved work experience in USA.

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 Nina Boskovic is an internal in European Movement in Montenegro since January 2016. She was born in 1993 in Niksic, where she finished Primary school “Olga Golovic” and Primary Music School “Dara Cokorilo”, and later Gymnasium “Stojan Cerovic”. She completed basic studies in Podgorica, on the Faculty of Political Science, Department International relations.  She is a student of Specialist studies, Department International relations. During her education she was a member of the Scout Association of Montenegro, as well as Folklore Society “Zahumlje”.


European movement in Montenegro

Vasa Raickovica 9, I floor
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

E-mail: office@emim.org

Tel/fax:+382 20 268 651


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