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European movement in Montenegro today meets with representatives of European Parliament in Brussels. The occasion of the meeting was presentation of the results of project implementation National Convention on European Integration of Montenegro (NCEI 2013-2014), and progress of Montenegro in process of European integration, which holds 26 and 27 March. The meeting was attended by delegates in European Parliament, Charles Tannock, Anneliese Dodds, Tanja Fajon and Jozo Rados, also by representatives of Parliament which deal with issue of enlargement.

Montenegrin delegation was presented by Momcilo Radulovic, President of European Movement in Montenegro, Bisera Turkovic, General Secretary of European Movement in Montenegro and Co-chairs of Working Group V- Competition, Mila Brnovic, Project Manager in European Movement in Montenegro, Vlado Dedovic from Center for Monitoring and Research, Co-chairs of Working Group II- Justice, Freedom and Security and member of Working Group for chapter 24 and Mirko Djurovic, Director of Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor, expert for fisheries.

At the meeting was presented project and work of National Convention on European Integration of Montenegro 2013-2014, recommendations and results of work, cooperation with government institutions, civil society and media were adopted. Parliamentarians were especially interested in the issue of media freedom in Montenegro, cooperation with Assembly in a framework of project, and field of financing political parties. Mr. Tannock emphasized that he is impressed with work of National Convention and also with quantity and comprehensiveness of recommendations, and with the fact that great number of them is reputable by government institutions.

Delegate Anneliese Dodds alleged; “I am very impressed with activities which are undertaken in framework of Convention till now. Of great importance to have experts from series of different areas, also from NGO, and that civil society is included in debate about joining process. So I am very satisfied that today I saw part of work results of Convention, and I look forward to hear more about that in future.”

Today in afternoon hours will be held a meeting with civil society in Brussels, whom will be presented work results, and also will be discussed, about cooperation of civil sector with government institutions. That will be great opportunity to compare work and activities of civil society in European Union and in Montenegro, and to exchange experiences, also to present to civil society of EU the work of organizations in Montenegro and efforts in process of reform implementations.

The second day will be held meeting with representatives of European Commission, Directorate for Enlargement, and other directorates which deal with work of National Convention.

European movement in Montenegro

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